RCS ist seit Unternehmensgründung 1979 weltweit führender Anbieter im Bereich Sendesoftware. RCS-Produkte werden von mehr als 14 000 Radiostationen, Video-Musikkanälen, Kabelprogrammanbietern, Satellitenradionetzwerken und Internetsendern in aller Welt eingesetzt. The Best Use The Best.









RCS Connect

RCS CONNECT ist unser Kunden-Newsletter. Es bietet RCS-Kunden und -Nutzern hilfreiche Information zu neuen Produkten, Funktionen, sowie Tipps und Kniffe zur effektiveren Nutzung von RCS-Systemen.

September 2017

  • Personal Post by Keith Williams
  • Aquira Improves Large Network Experience by Jo Saré
  • Radio Drives 29% Incremental Search, According to New Research
  • Drew Bennett Joins RCS

August 2017

  • Tips & Tricks: Zetta by Martin Blazek
  • RCS Out & About
  • Featured Article by Wayne Hampshire

July 2017

  • Ogallala Office Visitors
  • 6th Annual Nordic Public Service GSelector Summit
  • Multicam Systems integrates with RCS
  • Zetta Shows Off A New Custom Fields Look
  • RCS Out & About

May 2017

  • Missing a dream team member who put customers first
  • Speech to Text Transcriber
  • RCS Out & About

March 2017

  • RCS Out & About
  • Tips & Tricks by Chip Jellison
  • RCS partners MI Radio in Myanmar

January 2017

  • Personal Post by Chip Jellison
  • Personal Post by Martin Blazek
  • On the Horizon by Chip Jellison
  • GSelector Advanced User Training

December 2016

  • Personal Post: "Everything has to come to an end, sometime."
  • Tips & Tricks: Customizable Dashboard Reports by User
  • RCS China clients gather in Wuhan - 2016 Training Academy Heralded
  • Featured Article: Townsquare's Tom Cook Talks Radio, Scheduling and GSelector

October 2016

  • IP Audio in the Outback
  • Tips & Tricks: Aquira Tip Off
  • RCS and Marketron Collaboration
  • RCS Out and About
  • Featured Article: Hooray!
  • Upcoming Events Announced

September 2016

  • Personal Post: Mega Hits Thrilled with RCS Experience by Ana Margarida Rosa
  • On the Horizon: RCS Adds More Muscle to Voice Tracking
  • Test All Media Goes Mobile
  • Featured Article: Boom Radio Acquires Aquira
  • Upcoming Events Announced

June 2016

  • Personal Post: The Selector Cloud by Barry Hill
  • Tips & Tricks by Chip Jellison
  • On the Horizon: Great Moments in RCS Support
  • Upcoming Events Announced

April 2016

  • NAB 2016 Special: RCS Heads West
  • NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Philippe Generali, RCS
  • Site Replication: We Sync, It's Good.

March 2016

  • Customer Connection
  • Hear What People Are Saying: Zetta
  • We Are Mobile: RCS2Go Products

January 2016

  • Personal Post by Dwight Douglas
  • Tips & Tricks: Google Chrome / Zetta2Go Tech Update
  • Become The Expert: Free Advanced GSelector Training
  • Upcoming Events Announced

October 2015

  • RCS Out and About
  • On the Horizon by Chip Jellison
  • Did You Know?
  • Upcoming Events Announced

August 2015

  • Personal Post by Dwight Douglas
  • Tips & Tricks by Barry Hill
  • On the Horizon by Mark Bolke
  • Upcoming Events Announced

June 2015

  • On The Horizon by Jo Sare
  • Tips & Tricks by Chip Jellison
  • Featured Article
  • Upcoming Events Announced

May 2015

  • Media Monitors Awarded Again
  • On The Horizon by Martin Blazek
  • Featured Article
  • Upcoming Events Announced

March 2015

  • NAB Show 2015
  • Chip's Tips by Chip Jellison
  • RCS Around the World
  • Upcoming Events Announced

January 2015

  • Accolades
  • Personal Post - Congratulations to Alison Mungia
  • New in 2015: Advanced Training for Free
  • Upcoming Events Announced

November 2014

  • Chip's Tips by Chip Jellison
  • RCS Insider: A Conversation with Host Barry Hill
  • Upcoming Events Announced

September 2014

  • Personal Post - RCS: We Are Mobile
  • On The Horizon: Demand Driven Rates by Jo Sare
  • Chip's Tips by Chip Jellison
  • Upcoming Events Announced

July 2014

  • Long Time Support Veteran Gone
  • Audio Editing: Sequencer by Chip Jellison
  • Upcoming Events Announced
  • Featured Article: A glimpse into Wild Radio

June 2014

  • Absolute Radio: RCS Shows 2GO Options at BroadcastAsia2014
  • Audio Editing: Zetta Style by Chip Jellison
  • GSelector Quick and Easy Data Exports by Kenny Lee
  • Featured Article: RCS Insider Podcast on iTunes

May 2014

  • Absolute Radio: how their new playlist choice at breakfast works by James Cridland
  • New to RCS: RCS2Go
  • Satellite Mode by Chip Jellison
  • Featured Article by Barry Hill

April 2014

  • Personal Post
  • Background Recorder by Chip Jellison

March 2014

  • The RCS Big Bang at NAB
  • Complete Control Of Your Radio Station From Anywhere by Chip Jellison
  • RCS Assists Local Swedish Radio Broadcast from the Alps

January 2014

  • Personal Post
  • New Normalization Methods in Zetta 2.9

November 2013

  • China: Enthusiastic about Radio & RCS
  • Easier Rate Card Management
  • Empire Broadcasting Corporation Spotlight

October 2013

  • Socially Active RCS Style
  • Zetta Understanding default values and overriding of station-specific attributes
  • RCS Zetta Lands in Ireland

August 2013

  • New Radio Yakima owner committed to 'local, local, local'
  • Product Profile: Aquira by Dawn Newberry
  • Artist Control - Then and Now by Kenny Lee

June 2013

  • RCS User Conference in China by Philippe Generali
  • The Changing World of Radio by Dwight Douglas
  • Singapore Bound by Mike Powell

April 2013

  • NAB 2013 by Dwight Douglas
  • Magic Eggs & Software by Chip Jellison
  • A Special Invitation from Paul McLane

March 2013

  • Welcome to Las Vegas by Neal Perchuk
  • Tips & Tricks from RCS Support
  • Fast and Fun Attribute Coding by Kenny Lee

February 2013

  • Personal Post by Martin Blazek
  • Tips & Tricks by RCS Support Gurus

December 2012

  • Personal Post by Mike Powell
  • Forging Ahead by Jeff Skee
  • RCS Support: A Glimpse into the Trenches

October 2012

  • Building Browse Formats Quickly by Kenny Lee
  • One Giant Leap for Radio by Chip Jellison
  • Singapore Gets a Kiss

August 2012

  • New in RCSNews by Eric Vanryckeghem
  • NAB Radio Show - Texas STyle by Neal Perchuk
  • RCS Support: A Glimpse into the Trenches

July 2012

  • Real Time Avails at Your Fingertips by Joanna Sare
  • No Limits by Chip Jellison
  • An Interview with Rick McCracken

June 2012

  • Color Your World by Kenny Lee
  • On the Horizon by Chip Jellison
  • An Interview with Will Payne

May 2012

  • Personal Post by Philippe Generali
  • GSelector: The Future Looks Bright and In Color by Kenny Lee
  • On the Horizon by Chip Jellison
  • Featured Article: NAB 2012